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November 8th, 2012 Update

November 9th, 2012

Hey everyone, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve updated my blog. The recovery process was going great with the knee. I was just about five months out from surgery, and almost released to start riding again. I was aloud to ride a trials bike though, and had been riding it every day for a solid month now. It was the only thing keeping me sane! I competed on it two weeks ago at Wildwood in Ohio and won the Sportsman class. Over the weekend, there was a competion in Kentucky, so I decided to bump up to advanced class. The day was going great until the third section on the final lap. I couldn’t get over a big log that was pretty high off the ground and drug the skid plate. I knew I wasnt going to pull it off and knew I was going to have to jump off the bike. When I did, my right leg caved inwards and instantly had the pain I had at the Louisiana Enduro.  It’s really dissappointing because it’s another small step back in my career. I had been working really hard in the gym with my trainer Shaun, getting back my confidence and my strength. We had immediately went to my doctor’s Monday morning and had X-rays and MRI done and my knee drained ( which is what the photo below is ). I had retorn my graph ( which is essentially my new knee, acl ). It slid down my leg and broke my tib/fib and tore my MCL again. I’ll be getting it drained again before surgery and having surgery on the 27th. I have to wait acouple weeks before Dr. Kaeding can operate because the swelling is so bad, that it wouldn’t do any good. I’ll keep you all posted on how everything goes.

I was looking so forward to being on top this year. I still want to be a professional  racer and know I can do it. Thats what were going to keep working and get back to. So for now, we are looking to return about halfway through 2013. All you can do is keep on keeping on.

I especially want to give a huge thanks to Antti for still believing in me and Jason McCune at Leatt for the contined support. To Dr.Kaeding for going to operate on me again, my trainer Shaun for putting in the countless hours, Dr. Steve for getting me physically and emotionally back on track, my girlfriend for keeping my spirits up, and my mom and dad.


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